In May of 2006 we lost Matt, Liam's Dad after a courageous battle with a brain tumour, he was 34 years old. In April of 2008 we got the devastating news that 7 year old Liam had an extremely rare form of cancer in his sinus cavity. This blog is where we can update you on Liam's progess with his brave battle. "If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them."


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Liam spent his first night in the hospital last night.  He spent most of the day asleep after the surgery so got to stay up till about 10.30 playing playstation.

He was given a couple of doses of pamol overnight and had a blood test thru his new addition – portie.  I tucked up on the fold out bed next to him and all things considered didn’t have too bad a sleep.  This place starts to come alive at about 6am which is a tad too early for my liking, however Liam kept sleeping then turned the playstation on about 7.30am and I rolled over and went back to sleep!

He had some dye injected into portie to test his kidney function and is having 2 hourly blood tests to make sure they are working properly.  He also had a hearing test and now has no more excuses for ignoring me as his hearing is perfect!

We are now awaiting all the results, some related to the tumour and some not.  We should have a diagnosis as to what type of sarcoma it is by next week which will enable them to figure out a treatment plan.

 Liam got his beads of courage today and has already chalked up 39, each one symbolising a different procedure.  Once he gets to 100 he gets to chose a special one.  He is very proud of them and is wearing them constantly.

 We have a free pass for the weekend and are not due back at CHOC till Monday morning when hopefully some results will be in and Liam is scheduled for a bone scan.  This is where they inject Liam with some radioactive material which is highlighted during the scan.  We are heading to Orana Park tomorrow as you need to book 24 hours in advance it should be a good day.

He was also given his nintendo by the Vaughans this afternoon and has been playing it ever since!

Thats all for today folks!!!





April 24, 2008 @   

Hey there Liam / SROJALA

Seems that you have had a very eventful day and been very brave again. Good for you.

Hope that you have a fanatastic day at Orana Park tomorrow. Thinking of you all lots. And reading you blog site daily, thanks for the updates.

take care

Paula, Rog, Maddie and Jaime


   aunty ran and uncle donal

April 24, 2008 @   

Hey liam,
Thinking bout you lots and lots and and some more! Sounds like they are all looking after you, ash and mum really well down there and we can’t wait to talk to and give you all massive hugs and big sloppy aunty kisses!!
Kia Kaha and love you heaps
Aunty Ran and Donal Duck!!


   The Stones

April 24, 2008 @   

Liam you definitely deserve those courage beads. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. xxxx


   Cousin Bex P

April 24, 2008 @   

Hey Liam! (& support crew)

Thinking of you every day. Sorry I took a while to work out the comment thing too – (Thanks Sarah for the tips!) Hope the weekend is loads of fun for you & the family. XXXOOO Cuz Bex


   Nic, John & Steven

April 24, 2008 @   

Hi Liam and Becs!
Another day over and done and well done Liam for again being such a brave fellow! Have a terrific weekend and I know you will love Orana Park! It is awesome and the animals are very cool! Just watch out for those cheeky monkeys!! Stay strong. Luv and thoughts coming your way team.
Nic xx


   The Brodericks

April 24, 2008 @   


Thinking of you all – and sending lots of love and warm fuzzies. Stay strong.

Love from Julie, Craig, Jessica.



April 25, 2008 @   

Becs, thinking of you, Liam, Ashleigh and the rest of the family lots.
Liam, you are very tough and brave and by the looks of things, there are going to be A LOT of people thrilled to bits when you get well again!
You all have a great time this weekend and enjoy Orana Park.
Lots of love Cobb


   Thomas and Ruby Eales

April 25, 2008 @   

Hi Liam,

Mum is reading us your blog page and telling us what your doing. I hope you get better soon. I think you are very brave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend.

Love from Thomas

PS Lots of love and hugs and kisses to you all from Ruby and Andrea too xxxxxxoooooooo


   Emily Pearce (coussie)

April 25, 2008 @   

Hey Liam,

Working on the games, should be with you next week.
I love Orana Park, you are going to have a superb time there!
it’s wicked. So proud of you Liam, you’re a very strong little man.
I’m in Auckland at the moment working on a film about kids battling some little aliens, I think you’ll like it when it comes out. I’ll have to tell you all about it when i see you next.
Keep smiling precious.
big kisses. Em


   Martin & Toinon

April 25, 2008 @   

Hi Liam and SROJALA,
39 beads already….you really have done so well to manage so much, and so bravely, in the last few days. Good to hear the Hurricanes have a presence in Christchurch, that the nintendo is getting a good work out, and that you’ll all be off to Orana park tomorrow – hope the weather stays good! Take care, & Lotsaluv, Martin & Toinon xxxxxxxx
PS…thanks for the help with the wood. I spent the day chopping lots yesterday, and was going to knock off for the day (back ached, arms sore, etc). I thought of how tough you have been the last few days, and decided to carry on until finished. The wood is now all chopped and stacked in the shed (my back still aches, and my arms are still sore though).


   Tracey & Shamus

April 25, 2008 @   

HiGuys well done you are all doing so well. Liam ask mum if she could take a photo of your beads we would love to see them! Shamus is down meeting his new brother but has ask me to keep tabs on you all so enjoy your wkend everyone!!
T @ S

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