In May of 2006 we lost Matt, Liam's Dad after a courageous battle with a brain tumour, he was 34 years old. In April of 2008 we got the devastating news that 7 year old Liam had an extremely rare form of cancer in his sinus cavity. This blog is where we can update you on Liam's progess with his brave battle. "If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them."

Day 41

Filed under: 1 — Rebecca at 2:25 pm on Friday, May 30, 2008

Liam is still very sore and very swollen today.  His right eye is swollen shut which is making playing the nintendo a bit difficult.  He is being poked, prodded and the site checked every hour, which can get a bit annoying.  The plastics nurses are teaching the paediatric nurses how to do they checks as they are not trained for post op care of such a major operation so he is feeling a bit like a circus attraction.   

He is being given morphine two hourly to stay on top of the pain which is making him a bit sleepy.  He has been sitting in a lazy boy from late morning and is still there, so is a bit more comfortabel. 

Jasper finished the lego building at 1 o’clock this morning, he was determined that it was not going to get the better of him, but I am pretty sure Liam could have done it in half the time!

Liam has been given his own little walking frame which he used to get into the chair and has a wheelchair which he can get in tomorrow and we will go for a bit of a spin around the ward to stop him getting cabin fever.

He is not allowed to eat until after the weekend so the nasal tube will stay in until then.  For a lad who likes his food he was not particularly happy when given this news!  The Doctors on the other hand are very happy with his progress and quite amazed with just how well he is doing. 

So apart from being a bit bored and over the whole hospital business and wanting to go home and see Coco he is doing really well.

Till tomorrow

Becs, Jasper and Liam the legend.




   The Stones

May 30, 2008 @   

Keep being brave young man! We can’t wait to see you. You are an inspiration to all of us. Take care and remember we are all thinking of you, Mummy and Ashleigh (and Jasper and the girls too)
See you soon. Love The Stones xxxxxxxxx


   Tusha, Iain, Max and Giana

May 30, 2008 @   

Wow Liam you definitely are a legend. Hope those nurses are learning how to take great care of you. I am sure they are not quite as good as your amazing Mum. And we definitely think that you could have finished the lego a lot faster than Jasper – but we had better be nice to him because he is very old!!!!! Happy healing.
Love the Saunders-Penny Whanau XXXXXXXXX



May 30, 2008 @   

Well Liam you are obviously a very healthy youg man because I am amazed how quickly you have achieved being where you are, I thought you would still be in icu. so good on you. Don’t worry if you feel sad, after a big operation every one feels like that it is called ‘post op blues’ it is because you had a long time with anaesthetic in your system. You are doing really well, good on you. I am hoping to get to see you saturday even if it is only for a little while if you are sleepy, thats ok. I just want to give you a kiss, because I love you soooo much. I used to be a nurse at that hospital, before I married Papa. OK Liam sleep well hopeto see you tomorrow.xx Nana



May 30, 2008 @   

All the best guys – it can only get better from here, onwards and upwards and thoughts for a relaxing weekend with plenty of time to heal.

Emma & troops (vickie’s fuzzies clan!)



May 31, 2008 @   

You are amazing! I hope you are feeling a bit better tomorrow. Love to you, Becs and Ashleigh.
Love Cobb.


   Izaz family

May 31, 2008 @   

Hi guys, we are thinking of you and hoping Liam is not too uncomfortable. Sounds like he’s making great progress and getting plenty of entertainment watching Steve struggle away on his lego. Well done Steve! Take Care, Shivaun and Charmaine


   Richard K

May 31, 2008 @   

Liam – Your now a True One Eyed Cantabrian – Wear that Jersey with pride tonight – Go The Crusaders!


April 30, 2014 @   

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