In May of 2006 we lost Matt, Liam's Dad after a courageous battle with a brain tumour, he was 34 years old. In April of 2008 we got the devastating news that 7 year old Liam had an extremely rare form of cancer in his sinus cavity. This blog is where we can update you on Liam's progess with his brave battle. "If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them."

Day 33 – Pre op Assessment

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Liam in Matt’s courage jersey

We went over to Lower Hutt hospital armed with our mile long list of questions today.  I have to admit we got most of the questions answered and were there for a good 3 hours.

 We have been told to expect the surgery to take anywhere between 8 to 12 hours.  It is certainly going to be an incredibly long day, and thanks to Maryanne we have a couple of passes to Les Mills gym so will probably go and get the endorphins flowing there for a while to pass some time, may do a bit of retail therapy too no doubt.  The Registrar and House Surgeon both went over again what is involved in the surgery in great depth.  It was alot of information to take in and just reinforced the fact that it is a very difficult and intensive procedure.

Liam will go straight from surgery to the Intensive Care Unit where he will be for at least 2 days.  He will have a nurse all to himself and they will monitor him every 30 minutes to check that both the surgery sites have good blood flow and that the reconstructed tissue is not dying off.  After he is released from ICU he will go to the childrens ward at Hutt Hospital when he can start receiving visitors and will stay there for about another week. 

He will be visited there by a school teacher when he is up to it (he thought he was going to get away with no school work – ha ha) and they will follow up when he is discharged and is recovering at home.

He is off for a blood test on Monday and cross typing for his transfusion blood and then into hospital early Wednesday morning.

There was lots and lots of information given to us today which would take me all night to type and probably freak everyone out too much, so will leave it at that for now! 

After the hospital we went up to St Benedicts school in Khandallah where the girls go, to deliver a bag of lollipops to Mrs Goodalls class (room 9) who very thoughtfully made Liam a get well card each.  They put so much work into all of them and Liam wanted to thank them for their thoughts and to tell them he has them hanging from his bedroom wall.

Thats all from us for now, I hope everyone is doing well.

Becs and co

(above is Liam in his Dad’s “courage” Waikanae rugby jersey)



   Kieran & Wendy McGoverin

May 22, 2008 @   

Hi Guys

Liam, by the look on your face the jersey is certainly working. You are an inspiration to us all and your Dad would be so proud of you as we all are. Bummer about the school work though. Have you decided which jersy you will wear this Friday night? Keep the Red & Black theme we hope!!!! Lots of Love to you all Grandad & Wendy.
PS See you when you are out of intensive care, Liam.


   Tracey & Shamus

May 22, 2008 @   

Hi guys
Sounds like a big day coming up. Liam your dad’s courage shirt looks great on you!! so does that huge smile!
Shamus will have his red and black shirt on for friday nites game but think Im gunna go yellow and black. Go the Caines!! Go Liam!!!
T & S

***Games on Saturday night guys!!! But feel free to where your yellow and black both nights***



May 23, 2008 @   

hi there Liam my darling ( nana’s are allowed to say that and give big smoochie kisses!!) love you heaps, pray for you every day, and for mum and ashleigh too. love you soo much. i love the way you enjoy every day with your mates at school, I do the same( accept i don’t have mates at school) but do enjoy my friends and cups of coffee. smoochie kiss from nanaxx


   Margaret Stevens

May 23, 2008 @   

Hi Liam. Just to confuse everyone – you could try wearing your Chiefs jersey! See you soon. Lots of love Grandma



May 23, 2008 @   

Hi Liam!!

What an amazing photo!! I love the jersey – and the colours look so good on you!! Go R&B!!!

I know that I would want your mum looking after me if I was sick … she is amazing at keeping a very close eye on you and your journey!!! You are in great hands!

Lots of Love,
cousies from canty!!



May 23, 2008 @   

Hi Liam

Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and following mum’s blog.

Everybody at Klubmates sends their love and can’t wait for you to join us in the future holidays.

Love Coco’s picture and you in your jersey …. but where is the Hurricanes one. You are in Wellington now.haha.


   Joe and Nate

May 24, 2008 @   

Hi Liam
BG (Helen-next-door) has been keeping us up to date with your news – and we have been reading your Mum’s great blog too – we really liked the picture of you in the Crusaders jersey!!! (of course!)
We will be thinking of you next week and will get you doing water-bombs in the pool again when we visit Waikanae next – when the weather is warmer!
love from Joe and Nate Boeyen


   Alan, HAyley and Niamh and Wiliam

May 24, 2008 @   

Liam (and the rest of your family)…

We will be thinking of you over the next few days. Show them how a Waikanae lad does things…

Keep well, and stay positive for each other.

Go the “Canes” and Go Liam…

Alan, Hayley, Niamh and William. (Moule).

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