In May of 2006 we lost Matt, Liam's Dad after a courageous battle with a brain tumour, he was 34 years old. In April of 2008 we got the devastating news that 7 year old Liam had an extremely rare form of cancer in his sinus cavity. This blog is where we can update you on Liam's progess with his brave battle. "If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them."

Day 180

Filed under: 1 — Rebecca at 6:31 pm on Sunday, October 19, 2008

Well so much for my future being paved with lots of dollars, I didn’t win the big 30 million on Saturday night, I did however win $61. I guess that is better than nothing! (Sorry Indu, no cut on the million dollars) We did have a wee bit of excitement when we saw that one of the winners bought their ticket at Johnsonville lotto, which was where Jasper got his from, but alas it wasn’t us. Oh well back to work – oh wait a minute, I don’t have a job, back to the study then!

Anyway, Liam was well enough on Friday so I made him go back to school. He had mooched around all day Thursday saying he was bored, so I thought he was better off back at school. He didn’t seem to agree though, until I told him that it was dress up day, and he immediately changed his tune. I then loaded him up with tissues and wipes in case his eye and nose weeped, and sent him off.

His eye is looking fantastic, it is still slightly swollen and very red but you can see that the eye is in a much better position, and pretty soon apart from him being a bit gappy on the tooth front, and the small scar beside his left eye you will not be able to tell that he has anything wrong with him.

With a bit of luck this is the turning point in the journey and the nightmare of the last 5 years is almost over, and we can returning to being a normal family (as normal as we can be I guess!)




October 20, 2008 @   

Hi Liam and family,

I am the one who told you that I follow this blog as you came into theatre last Wednesday. I often work with Indu on Charles’ cases (I am an Anaesthetic Technician) and was with Liam for his first surgery…..not sure what happened with the roster and why I wasn’t there on Weds. I am also a face patient of Charles’ so have an interest in these types of cases! Anyway, glad to hear all is well and school is back on the agenda. From my experience all the changes resulting from the surgery soon become part of normal day life, and you sort of forget about them. I told Indu about this blog and she has posted you a message a few days back, and she told Charles about it today. Anyway, keep on healing well :-)


   Nina, Clint, Jack & Fletch

October 21, 2008 @   

Hi to a very happy Todd family……. FANTASTIC NEWS! Am so very very very very happy for you all. Will catch up soon for a big hug. Lots of love x


   Mel Davis

October 21, 2008 @   

I am so happy to hear that you’ve had some positive news….it’s been a long time coming!

Looking forward to catching up in Jan and you know that there’s always room over here if you decide to take that family holiday….I’m sure the kids would love the fun parks (although they don’t compare to Disneyworld but hey they’re still fun!)

lots of love
M&M xx


   Hilary and Mike Tomkins

October 22, 2008 @   

Hi Becs and co.
Fabulous to read of the progress and results for Liam and the birthday milestone for you, as well as readig of biking and sunny weather in Kapiti. Hope to see you when we are back in December.
Hils and co


   Bridget Bazalo

October 24, 2008 @   

Hi Bec’s
Lovely to hear all is going really well, and its all Onwards and Upwards YAAAA. We can say that here at Delhi Cres too now BEST NEWS!! Great news, Liam is a Great Lad!! Phill went and saw Father Tony to say thanks for putting the notice in every week, Liam can get it removed it now too.
We look forward to a fabulour summer,
Phill is in Tonga conference game fishing, some Conference, and Michelle is on Spirit of NZ, Lisa in Otago exam time, so I said to Steve hope to see you when you are down.
LOve Bridget Phill & Gals


   Nic, John & Steven

October 24, 2008 @   

About time your family got some wonderful news Becs…5 years is a long time to wait!! So excellent to hear and will keep a close eye on the updates for more good news as it happens…
Back from a couple of weeks in Aus and was really nice to relax and take some time out. We have another addition coming to the family too Becs – am due end of May….that was also a long time coming so very very excited about that!! Catch up again soon – take care and lots a luv Nic xx


   Robyn & Peter Radomski

October 25, 2008 @   

Hi Becs and Liam

Great to hear that all has gone so well. I have been in Atlanta for a couple of weeks, and Peter has been working flat out on the kitchen, so we have been out of the loop with info until now!

That is all such great news – onwards and upwards, and looking forward to catching up soon.

Love Robyn & Peter x x x x x



October 26, 2008 @   

We were thrilled to learn the great news of Liams recovery, wishing you all nothing but good luck for the future Lorna

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