In May of 2006 we lost Matt, Liam's Dad after a courageous battle with a brain tumour, he was 34 years old. In April of 2008 we got the devastating news that 7 year old Liam had an extremely rare form of cancer in his sinus cavity. This blog is where we can update you on Liam's progess with his brave battle. "If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them."

Day 13 – Home again

Filed under: 1 — Rebecca at 1:12 pm on Friday, May 2, 2008

We arrived safely into Wellington Airport after a bit of a bumpy ride late last night.  We decided to stay in town for the night instead of driving that extra hour to get home to the Kapiti Coast.

We are now home and I am procrastinating around the job of unpacking.  Not entirely sure how we managed it but we went 60kgs over weight on the plane – Opps – cost us a pretty penny too I might add.  When the plane tilted a bit to the side we thought it might be that our bags had slid to one side of the plane and it was struggling to straighten up! 

It was nice to come home to russian fudge in the fridge, and the groceries stacked – Thanks Victoria!!

We discovered this morning that there are people in Scotland also reading this blog so we know that there are lots of thoughts and good vibes coming from around the world –

Japan, Ireland, Afganistan, London, Germany, Australia and now Scotland – how impressive is that!  – not to mention from one end of New Zealand to the other.

Liam is doing well, still in good spirits and acting like any other normal 7 year old.  I am sending him back to school on Monday, (not sure how impressed he is about that) – the doctor said there was no reason he shouldn’t go.  It’s nice to have Ashleigh back with us too, and we can all sleep in our own beds tonight.  It really is nice to be home, but it would be alot better if we were through the first portion of the treatment and not still waiting!

Not sure if we will have a lot to report over the next couple of days as we will be taking it pretty easy I think, but will still write just to let you all know we are still around!



Ps.  Someone left a pair of really cute Dora the Explorer sneakers here on the Saturday before we left.  Anyone want to claim them?




May 2, 2008 @   

Hey Becs & family,

Good to hear you’re home safe, sometimes home is such a comforting place to be although I can understand your frustration in awaiting some definitive diagnosis.

Have spent a fair bit of this week in hospital myself after deciding to put my fingers into rotating lawnmower blades on Monday….yeah that hurt. No work for god knows how long, daily frustration at doing everything with one hand, lotsa codeine and no netball this season….but really, not a patch on what brave boy Liam is coping with! Nothing like a bit of perspective, right?

Anyway you guys take care, thinking of you




May 2, 2008 @   

Hi Becs

Hope Liam got the card. We are glad that you are back home even if a little in the dark as yet.Am sure they will come up with the best treatment as they are having time to research the problem.

Tell Liam the best place for him to be, is school in the term time and of course with us in the holidays.

Hope the Hurricanes can top the Crusader Jersey


   Nic, John & Steven

May 2, 2008 @   

Welcome home Becs and Liam! Fingers crossed for some positive definate results really soon. Good on you Vicki for taking care of your little sister! Will be watching the Crusaders tonight Liam thinking of you watching as well and wearing that brilliant red and black jersey with such pride!! So much pride in fact that you will be asking yourself ‘black and yellow? Who’s that?’ Keep positive and thinking of you all. Nic xx



May 2, 2008 @   

Welcome home people, hope you get to catch up on some decent sleep in your own beds before your journey recommences – love the fact you called your sister “Victoria” – she hits me for that! And I do know how much she ate whilst making it so enjoy before she visits again. Go well folks

Emma & co


   Nicole. Andy, Seth & Enzo

May 3, 2008 @   

Hello Liam, Becs, Ashley!!!! Welcome home! Hope you are settling in today back into the house hold. We can’t wait to pop back down to Welly to visit you all.
Love Nicole, Andy, Seth and Enzo


   Mike & Janice Hill

May 4, 2008 @   

You can add Hawaii to your list of places that are sending you healing thoughts and prayers.
Mike & Janice Hill


   Pam, Marty and Maxine

May 4, 2008 @   

Hi Liam, Ashleigh and Becks
Got the text message today ref Liam and the blog. Must be an awesome feeling being back home but frustrating as well with no treatment plan in place yet. Maxine looking forward to catching up with Ashleigh & Liam soon – smiling and laughing as they do.
Pam, Marty and Maxine

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